Facebook is asking new users for Aadhaar verification!

As per reports, social networking site Facebook is asking its new users from India to register their first and last names based on their Aadhaar card.

Some users have shared the screenshots of this feature were first shared on Reddit India website.

When contacted, Facebook has confirmed that the company is trying out the new method of signing up as a test.

However, using Aadhaar name is not compulsory and the users can chose to ignore the prompt and sign up the way they want.

Facebook claims that using the name as written on the Aadhaar card will help users to be easily recoganised by their family members and friends on the site.

Some concerns have been raised by the move, as users worry that in future Facebook may also access Aadhaar API data of the users.

Facebook is the most popular networking site in the world and has more than 201 million active users in India.

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