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3D printed cards as learning tool for visually impaired

December 30, 2017

An Elementary School teacher has found a method to help educate children with multiple disabilities.

The teacher, Maggie LeDoux, was trying to find a method to teach a kindergarten student who had cerebral palsy, was on the Autism Spectrum and was born blind.

She got the idea of using a 3D printer to create tactile cards. These cards can be felt through touch.

The blind student can feel the object on the card and associate that with a spoken word. The method is not very fast as it takes 2 hours to 2 days for a single card to print.

The objects need to be first selected as per the aptitude of the student so the cards can be easily understood and learned.

The teacher has been able to create 10 cards so far and the results are positive.

The child is slowly learning two word sounds and identifying objects.

This method can prove to be a breakthrough in the development of children with multiple disabilities.

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