British teen who lost her limbs to meningitis signs up to be a racing car driver

Izzy Weall, was seven years old when she lost all four of her limbs to meningitis. Doctors said that she was lucky to be alive. She was given only a one per cent chance of survival but made a full recovery and went on to become a champion trampolinist.

Now she is a 14-year-old teenager, and is all set to start the next chapter of her life - as a racing driver.

Izzy, who is also a popular video blogger, says that she will never stop trying new things and its her fearlessness that keeps her going. She was tested for the racing track by Dave Player, who is the founder of Team BRIT.

Team BRIT are a motor racing team of disabled drivers and they are looking to make history by becoming the first ever all-disabled team to race at the popular circuit in Le Mans. They want Izzy to be part of that dream.

The family have now crowdfunded nearly £6,000 for a specially created simulator to boost Izzy's driving skills, before she transfers to a car where she can take part in her first track day.

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