Exercise just twice a week improves memory, thinking ability

By a certain stage in life, many of us show signs of memory failing or becoming a little forgetful.

New guidelines by the American Academy of Neurology say exercising twice a week could help people with mild cognitive impairment improve memory and thinking.

What is Mild Cognitive Impairment?

People with MCI have milder signs like struggle to complete difficult tasks or have difficulty in understanding the information they have read. Mild cognitive impairment is a medical condition that is common with ageing. It is linked to problems with thinking ability and memory, but is not the same as dementia.

However, there is strong evidence that MCI can lead to dementia.

Exercise may help in improving memory at this stage, as it's something most people can do and of course it has overall health benefits. People with MCI should exercise regularly as part of an overall approach to managing their symptoms.

Worldwide, more than six percent of people in their 60s have MCI, and the condition becomes more common with age. More than 37% of people, aged 85 and above, have it.

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