Rajasthan issues second highest number of ID cards for the disabled in India

Rajasthan has issued the second highest number of Unique Disability Identity Cards (UDID) which is also called Swavlambhan Cards for the disabled in India.

The state has issued 1.21 lakh UDID cards against a total of 3.74 cards all over India. The UDID for the disabled comes under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

The cards will enable direct transfers of scholarship, employment, and marriage allowance in the bank accounts of the disabled.

Rajasthan has a population of 2.65 lakh disabled people and the UDID card is single document of identification, verification of the disabled for getting all the benefits.

Benefits of a UDID card

This card is like the Aadhaar card and is meant to store data like disability, health record, financial status and link through welfare schemes.

The UDID card passes through several verification steps from online filing of the application form to the physical verification and approval from the medical board certifying the disability. The data is sent to the ministry, which keeps a track of people falling under this category.

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