22 children sent to France for sports camp went missing

A human trafficking racket has been revealed by the central Bureau of Investigation.

CBI claims that three criminals have been arrested for sending 25 teenage students to France in 2016 for "a rugby training camp".

Out of the 25 children that had gone to France, 22 are now missing.

The students belonged to Punjab, Haryana and Delhi and were illegally taken to France by three travel agents last year.

The parents were told that the children will take part in a rugby training camp and return to India after that.

The accused men had taken Rs 25 lakh to Rs 30 lakh from the parents and sent the students, aged between 13-18 years, to France.

The travel agents had also cancelled their return tickets but before that two children managed to return to India.

One of the remaining 23 boys managed to escape and told his story to the French police who alerted the Interpol.

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