New Year resolution ideas for those with disabilities

Time to make some new resolution is here. Resolutions can make a positive impact on people with disabilities. Here are few ideas.

  1. Make a resolution to eat healthy and take care of yourself. Try some exercises that are suitable for you and make them a part of your life.

  2. Learn a new skill or a new hobby. Start reading on a topic that you would like to know about.

  3. Try and be a bit more social. Stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues by email, phone or text. In fact think about joining a club or group of like-minded people.

  4. Try and get some time out to visit the nature. Take a camera along and capture some scenes.

  5. Try meditation and yoga as a manner to calm yourself and find peace and balance.

  6. Do a little research about your area and gather info about accessibility around you. You can share the info with other people.

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