Women who smoke during pregnancy have high chances of having children with ADHD

Children born to women who smoke cigarettes during pregnancy, especially to heavy smokers, are at an increased risk for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), says a new study.

Latest study is based on a larger pool of data from more countries

Mothers who smoked during pregnancy had an overall 60% higher risk of having a child with ADHD compared to women who did not smoke.

Mothers who smoked less than 10 cigarettes per day are 54% more likely to have a child with ADHD than mothers who did not smoke. For mothers who were heavier smokers, the risk was 75% higher than for nonsmokers.

This is not the first time that a higher increased risk of ADHD for children of women who smoke while pregnant has been reported. But what is new is that the information has been pooled from studies in multiple countries and time periods. Also, as the daily tally of cigarettes went up, so did the risk of ADHD.

The findings therefore, give more strength and credibility and statistical power to previous studies linking pregnant women who smoke and a child with ADHD.

Experts say that the study has to be taken seriously, and that women who smoke during pregnancy have one more reason to stop.

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