Disabled programmer from Iran creates system to help disabled people

Vahid Rajabloo lives in Iran and was born with a genetic disease SMA that has caused him to have 98% disability.

He has created a startup system to make life easier for people with disabilities.

Rajabloo’s system brings together different businesses which offer services to the disabled at a common platform .

This makes it easier for disabled people to find information about stuff they want done.

Rajabloo has been financially independent for the past 11 years and works as a programmer.

He was unable to complete his formal education due to disability but taught himself programming.

He has also been designing web pages for 7 years now.

When he took part in a competition of companies and businesses that use disabled people as employees, Rajabloo came at the third position among 22 startups.

People come to him to learn computer programming, he teaches disabled people free of cost.

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