Armed Forces Tribunal orders pension for soldier disabled while on leave

The Regional Bench of Armed Forces Tribunal in Chennai, has ordered that disability pension should be paid to the paralysed soldier who suffered injury while on leave.

35 year old Narasaiah Kommula joined the Indian Army on January 16, 2001, and served as gunner at 63 AR Battalion.

He went on casual leave for 20 days in September 2007. While he was on leave, he met with an accident and underwent treatment in various hospitals including the military hospital, Pune.

However, due to severe traumatic brain injury his degree of disability was assessed to be 100 percent for life.

The soldier was denied disability pension

He was refused disability pension by the army on the grounds that he suffered inquires while being off duty.

Authorities claimed that there was no connection between the injury and the military service.

However, the Chennai Armed Forces Tribunal refuted the claims and ordered the disability pension for the soldier.

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