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This Surat homeopath is on a mission to promote eye donations

January 2, 2018

Dr Kulwant Gaur, a homoeopathic doctor in Kota, is not only treating patients but is also making a difference in the lives of people who have lost sight by persuading others to donate corneas.

Dr Gaur started his mission after watching child suffer from corneal blindness

39-year-old Dr Gaur has helped out with the donation of 295 pairs of corneas over the past six years. Whenever he gets to know about a death, he meets family members and convinces them to donate the corneas of the dead.

Dr Gaur says he was motivated to start doing this since 2011 when he saw a child suffering from corneal blindness after he was hit by a train at the Surat railway station. The child later died and Dr Gaur says he was so moved that he started seeking information about corneal blindness.

When he realised that corneal transplant was the cure he met with a former Rajasthan government official and formed an organisation called Shine India Foundation. He started extracting corneas from donors with the help of the technician. In the first year, he got only got two pairs of corneas.

No eye donations in Kota before Dr Gaur's efforts

The foundation organises expenses through public charity and sponsorships. He organises awareness programmes in places, particularly schools, to inspire people to donate their eyes and other organs.

Local experts Dr Gaur is doing exceptional work in creating awareness about eye and organ donation and also helping out with eye donation.

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