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This deaf teen with cerebral palsy lets her art do all the talking

January 3, 2018

Her story is the stuff films are made of.

Tjili (pronounced Chilli) Grant Wetherill was the only child to survive among triplets abandoned at a hospital in Cambodia in 2001.

Today she is 16 years old and is known as a talented artist whose work sells for thousands of pounds. Tjili, who is deaf and has cerebral palsy, cannot speak, but her talent does all the talking.

Her work has sold around the globe, raising thousands of pounds for charity. Four of her paintings are currently appearing on stamps in Tanzania. Her success is seen as an amazing story of triumph over adversity.

What is amazing is that Tjili is entirely self-taught and has created art in her own unique style.

Initially specialists said that her challenges might prevent her from sitting, standing, walking, and even managing everyday activities such as feeding herself. But her positive attitude along with hundreds of hours of occupational therapy, have enabled her to overcome many of her physical problems.

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