Promises to make top Kerala destination disabled-friendly for tourists remain on paper

Tourists with disabilities say they are finding it hard to enjoy Kozhikode's various attractions. This is because authorities have failed to ensure that there are enough facilities for the disabled.

State government promised many disabled friendly measures in 2016

The Kerala government has made many claims about making major tourism destinations disabled friendly, but all destinations in Kozhikode still lack ramps, wheelchair assistance and special toilets.

At present, the Kozhikode beach has only steps and no ramps for tourists to enter the sand and sculpture zone. The lack of toilets and devoted parking space for invalid carriages are major concerns as well.

Pavements are not wheelchair friendly either so this means people using wheelchairs cannot use the streets.

In 2016, the state tourism department had said that tourism destinations would be developed to create basic amenities for rest and recreation for people with disabilities. However, one year later, passengers with disabilities are still struggling.

The tourism department had proposed wheelchair assistance, ramps, tourism centres with trained personnel to help the disabled, personnel trained in sign language and print leaflets and signage in braille.

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