SC orders 4,000 monthly income for paralysed agriculturist

The Supreme Court has ordered that a monthly income of Rs 4,000 should be paid to the agriculturist who was paralysed in an accident causing disability.

The victim had appealed to the court for an increase in the amount of compensation awarded to him.

The 28-year-old agriculturist had attended an event in the year 2005 where a tractor demonstration also took place. Unfortunately the driver of the tractor lost control and injured the man.

As per the medical reports, the victim had suffered paraplegia with a compression fracture.

He was permanently immobilized and is now dependent on wheel-chair. He also needs artificial support for bladder and bowel evacuation.

The lower portion of his body was completely paralysed in the accident.

The earlier total compensation ordered was for Rs 8,60,000, but the Supreme Court increased it by another Rs 1, 20,000 considering the seriousness of the disability caused.

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