Set a deadline for disabled-friendly buses, Supreme Court tells Centre, state governments

The Supreme Court has ordered the central and state governments to come up with a timeline to make all government and private buses disabled friendly in the next three months.

Disabilities Act, 2016 makes total accessibility in all modes of public transport mandatory

In a series of orders, the SC has asked the Centre and states to make sure that "10% of government owned public transport carriers are to be made fully accessible by March 2018". This was while the court was hearing a case filed by Rajive Raturi, who is based in Gurgaon and is blind.

The Supreme Court made a reference to Section 41 of the Disabilities Act, 2016, which makes it mandatory to provide for comprehensive accessibility in all modes of transport. Given that, it is the duty of the Union, States as well as Union Territories to ensure that all government buses are disabled friendly, the court ruled.

Other accessibility measures also demanded in petition

In his petition, Raturi has also demanded various other actions like installation of auditory signals at every traffic light, building zebra crossings at a slight incline, barrier-free footpaths, audio announcements in all modes of mass public transport, bus stops with route maps and schedules in Braille placed at eye-level.

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