Disabled man lost life savings in ATM fraud

A disabled man in New Delhi has lost his life’s saving in an ATM fraud.

25 year old Dinesh Kumar Gupta works as a tailor and after lot of struggle had managed to save an amount of 1.4 lakh in the past five years for his sister’s wedding.

He recently went to an ATM to withdraw Rs 25,000 for the wedding expenses but in hurry forgot his bag containing important documents and ATM card near the ATM machine.

He soon realised his mistake and returned to find the bag inside the ATM kiosk.

However, he later realized that he was only left with just Rs 249 in balance and the rest of the amount had been taken out of his account.

He has filed a police complaint and the investigation has been started.

The police have asked the bank officials for CCTV footage from the ATM to find out the details about the incident.

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