Supreme Court orders 15 lakh as compensation to deaf & speech impaired rape survivor

The Supreme Court has ordered a compensation of Rs. 15 lakh to be given to a hearing and speech impaired rape survivor.

The high court had earlier directed the state government to make monthly payments to the girl as compensation.

The rape survivor girl belongs to Himachal Pradesh and had delivered a girl child after the rape.

The Himachal Pradesh High Court had ordered the payment of Rs.30,000 per month for life as compensation to the survivor, who is 80 per cent handicapped.

The Supreme Court has modified the order of the lower court and ordered a onetime payment instead of monthly payments.

The Himachal Pradesh government had challenged the high court order, saying there was no scheme for compensating the rape survivor for lifetime and the highest compensation payable was Rs. 1 lakh.

"In the circumstances, we deem it appropriate to modify the order of the High Court insofar as it pertains to the payment of compensation to the survivor by directing the State to deposit an amount of Rs. 15 lakh in an interest bearing fixed deposit in the name of the survivor in any nationalised bank in consultation with the Member-Secretary of the Himachal Pradesh State Legal Services Authority." a bench of Supreme Court judges said.
The disabled girl had been repeatedly raped by the accused named Rajneesh during the year 2013. He was found guilty of rape and sentenced to 10 years' rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 20,000 in 2015.

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