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Latest technology is making hearing aids Hi-Tech

January 5, 2018

The makers of hearing aids have started to use Bluetooth technology in their designs.

The use of Bluetooth technology allows the users to connect to virtually any wireless electronic device.

The latest progress in hearing aid technology offers the following advantages.

Latest technology making hearing aids better

  1. Users of Bluetooth based hearing aids can now directly connect to any Bluetooth-enabled phone. Earlier such an option was only available to users of apple's iPhone.
  2. The latest technology in Bluetooth based hearing aids allows the user to answer a phone call with a press of a button on the hearing aid. People can now have a two way communication directly from the hearing aid as they now come with built-in microphones and features such as automatic voice pickup.
  3. For people with hearing losses, watching TV at a high volume is the only option. However, the high volume can disturb the other people around them. The latest technology of hearing aids now allows the user to stream high-fidelity TV sound at their preferred volume level, independent of other viewers.

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