Assistant professor arrested for pushing mother off terrace

Sandip Nathwani is a 36 year-old assistant professor who has been arrested for killing his old mother by pushing her off a terrace on 29 September last year.

The incident has been reported from Rajkot where Nathwani teaches in a local Pharmacy college.

Earlier the family had claimed that his mother Jayshreeben had fallen off the terrace by accident after losing her balance as she was suffering from some mental illness.

However, the police received a tip about the death of the 64-year-old woman.

On further investigation and checking of the CCTV footage of the area, the police zeroed in on Nathwani.

He was with Jayshreeben when she fell off the terrace as per the CCTV footage.

Nathwani later confessed to the crime and said he was fed up with his mother's illness so he took her to the terrace and pushed her.

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