Online cancer tutorial for doctors launched

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has launched the first online tutorial in Oncology series. This online tutorial will help the doctors across India to detect cancers at the early stage.

The online course has been designed in collaboration with the Tata Memorial Centre.

It will be used to give training to Indian doctors across the country on cancer prevention and treatment.

The online course will keep the doctors updated

The aim of the online course is to help the doctors improve their skill and knowledge with the latest development on the field of cancer detection and treatments.

Doctors can use the online platform for early detection, prevention, palliation, rehabilitation and treatment of various cancers.

The platform will be extended across the country with the involvement of the state governments.

The course has various sections and is a total of 14 hours of detailed e-learning.

The study material includes more than 40 video lectures, case studies, assessment questionnaires and interactive Webinar sessions with the consultants of Tata Memorial Hospital.

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