Measures to make information & broadcasting services inclusive by June

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, TRAI, will suggest measures by June this year to make telecom and broadcasting services more accessible for the disabled.

Service providers and other stakeholders have to respond to the TRAI's recent discussion paper on the issue with constructive suggestions to come up with answers, solutions, aids and assistive devices that would make telecom and broadcasting services more inclusive.

Plans for an open house discussion with stakeholders in March

The TRAI said that finding ways to make information and communications technology (ICT) accessible for the disabled was of great importance as mobile phones and devices have become universal.

Last month, TRAI had said that more policy interventions were needed in this area where benefits of technology have not been fully realised. It has sought views on whether handset makers should be mandated to manufacture at least one model for the disabled with assistive technology features such as hearing, visual aids and emergency buttons.

The consultation paper aims to identify key areas that require policy intervention and understand barriers that are being faced by the disabled in accessing telecom and broadcasting services.

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