Elderly citizens across India to form self help groups to empower each other

The All India Senior Citizens Confederation (has decided to form self-help groups of senior citizens to empower them and help each other when they are left helpless.

This is after the recent case in Delhi where a 90-year-old man lived with the dead body of his wife for four days.

The groups will involve young people, women and active senior citizens who are interested in helping others who are helpless. The groups will empower the elderly to take care of each other.

30% of elderly across India live alone

The federation has also decided to run awareness campaigns among the youth. The idea is to encourage the youth to respect the elders and look after them as well.

According to 2011 census, there are around 10 crore senior citizens in India and the numbers are rising. There is a need to get more people in society committed to looking after them.

AISCCON operates from the head office in Nerul in Navi Mumbai and is a guiding force to all other member associations in India.

In Mumbai there are just 30 old age homes for 10 lakh elderly

The federation has asked the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) to build care centres and start palliative and dementia day care centres to ensure health care.

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