Mumbaikars make the most of the chill in temperature

Mumbaikars are taking out their winter wear as the temperature takes a dip.

The city recorded a 13.8 degree Celsius minimum temperature on Sunday morning, which was the lowest recorded minimum temperature for the season so far. The maximum recorded temperature was 29.6 degree Celsius.

In Colaba area, the minimum temperature was registered at 17.5, while maximum stands at 29 degree Celsius. The chill in the air is making mornings colder.

In December 2017, the minimum fell to 15.2 degrees Celsius, which is three degrees below normal. The city witnessed the lowest temperature since 1962 when the minimum temperature was recorded at 7.8 degree Celsius.

Pollution levels shot up in the city to 'moderate' air quality index from 'poor' AQI levels last week.

In Pune, the minimum temperature on Sunday morning was recorded at 11 degree Celsius.

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