AIADMK MLA drove a bus himself during bus strike in Tamil Nadu

The ongoing Tamil Nadu bus strike is causing a lot of inconvenience to the public.

To provide some relief to the people, AIADMK MLA KR Rajakrishnan drove a bus himself and ferried 70 people.

The MLA holds a heavy-vehicle license as he used to drive a lorry.

The MLA had arrived at the Andhiyur bus terminus to check the situation due to strike. He saw that people had been waiting for a bus for more than two hours.

Rajakrishnan decided to drive the bus himself over a distance of 36 km as a driver was not available at the moment.

MLA Rajakrishnan drove the bus to Bhavani bus stand, and then picked up passengers from there to return to Andhiyur bus stop.

The people were hugely surprised when they saw the MLA on the driver’s seat. The action of the MLA was much appreciated by the people.

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