Proper sleep for patients of Alzheimer’s disease

Patients of Alzheimer’s disease also suffer from sleep disorder. The disease affects the sleep pattern and increases their stress.

Alzheimer's disease can disturb the sleep due to change in daily routine and medication.

The change in sleep cycle varies at different stages of the disease.

It has been found that in early stages of Alzheimer's disease, patients tend to sleep more and feel lost.

As the disease progresses, patients tend to sleep more during the day time.

They can stay awake during the night or their night time sleep is disturbed often.

At all stages, the lack of proper sleep and rest causes an increase in stress and anxiety in the patients making them more restless.

It is advisable to take a 30 minutes of rest in late morning. Then a 9- minute nap or short sleep period after lunch.

This habit can keep the body rested even if the patient wakes up often at night while sleeping.

In case the sleep pattern becomes severely affected, a doctor should be consulted for medication.

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