Indian scientists find Neem can cure brain disorder

We are aware of the medicinal benefits of Neem leaves. Now, Indian scientists have shown that a chemical compound found in neem seeds can cure brain disorders.

The team of researchers used the compound successfully on mice that had Huntington's disease – HD.

HD is a death causing degenerative brain disorder in humans.

The scientists at the National Brain Research Centre in Manesar in Haryana, and the Bose Institute, Calcutta are behind the research.

They claim that Neem seeds have a compound called azadiradione that can delay the development of the Huntington's disease.

The disease is known to disable the patients' abilities to think, speak and walk.

At present there is no cure for the disease and no treatment to slow down its progress.

The discovery about azadiradione can make a huge change in the treatment of the disease and is a ray of hope for patients.

Researchers are doing further work on the effects that it may have on humans.

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