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NeoMano is a robotic hand for paralysed patients

People with medical issues like spinal cord injuries, or paralysis are not able to move their limbs.

Simple tasks become a challenge such as opening and closing doors, brushing their teeth and picking up objects like a glass of water or a pen.

The issues can be resolved with the help of technology now. Neofect has developed a robotic glove called NeoMano that wraps around the palm as well as fingers.

The glove is connected to a rubber pad that can be controlled with an elbow or arm.

The pad can be used to make a grip and release motions in the robotic hand.

The glove is very light in weight and can be worn daily without discomfort.

The makers are now working on making it even better by adding features like voice recognition and head motion to activate it.

The company is hoping to launch the glove for use by the end of the current year.

The cost of the device is expected to be less than $1,000.

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