Exercise is good for children & their mental health

Exercise is not only beneficial for grownups, it is also good for the health of children.

A new study claims that lack of physical activities and exercises can increase the risk of obesity and diabetes in children just like adults.

The research found that the development of brain and overall growth of the children is affected by the exercise.

The research team collected data and analyzed it to find that children who exercise and are physically active perform better in class.

They are also better at making decisions and have longer attention spans. The good news is that this is same for children with special needs as well.

Children that have issues like attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or an autism spectrum disorder also show improvement with regular exercising.

Study and activity schedule leaves very little time for exercising on a daily basis, however, parents can help their children get some time out.

Doing exercises together as a family can help become healthy and also results in spending some quality time together as well.

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