Tips to change the look of a small bedroom

A small room can also be decorated to look beautiful and homely.

Here are a few tips to add life to a small bedroom.

  1. Adding mirrors can make the room look bigger than its actual size. They also give the effect of more windows and make the room brighter.

  2. Adding a print on the wall can make the room look better as it can take away attention from the small size of the room.

  3. Lack of space can be solved by creating storage under the bed and putting stuff there. A bed box is also a great idea.

  4. Make furniture as per the room size instead of buying readymade pieces. This will add a design quotient to the room and it will be customized as per your needs.

  5. Use various shades of lights, lamps to add depth to the room. Hanging lamps can make the room look amazing.

  6. Using lighter color on the walls can make the room look bigger and brighter. Go ahead and paint the walls white!

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