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What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology is a term used for several different types of tools, devices, gadgets that are used for assistance and rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

These could be a simple device like handle bar in a toilet or something complex like a bionic arm.

The aim of Assistive Technology is to make the lives of disabled people less challenging and to assist them in their day to day life.

Some commonly used tools are

- Hearing aids for people with hearing impairments - Vehicle modifications, such as hand controls or wheelchair lifts - Devices that help with bathing and eating - Software for people with hearing and visual impairments - Equipment, such as grab bars, handles in a shower, to help prevent falls - Eye glasses and magnification devices to help individuals with low vision - Communication devices for people with speech impairments - Wheelchairs, walkers, tricycles

Choosing the right type of tools and devices can help make life better for people with disabilities and their families.

Innovations in of Assistive Technology makes inclusion possible while breaking barriers in the world.

With the aid of technology, disabled people can move around and be more independent.

They are able to travel and get employed and become financially secure.

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