Disabled girl molested by mall salesman in Navi Mumbai

A man has been arrested in Mumbai for sexual assault on a 13 year old girl with mental disabilities.

The 22 year old man named Ashish Kanchan, works as a salesman at a shoe store in a Seawoods mall.

The victim used to come with her mother to the mall after school as the mother runs a rental store there.

The incident took place in September last year but was only discovered during a counselling session at the girl’s school.

The school authorities then informed the mother and a complaint was filed.

The accused has been booked under POCSO and rape charges by the police.

Sadly this is not the first such incident, and the girl had gone through a similar abuse at her previous school sometime back.

At the time, a school bus driver had molested the child but the mother had not filed a complaint.

She had feared social shame and had changed school.

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