Physically disabled girl burned alive as punishment for brother’s love affair

A disabled girl in Bhopal had to pay the price for the love affair of her brother.

As per reports, physically disabled Naina Chourasia was burned alive by the family members of the girl with whom Naina’s brother had eloped.

The girl suffered serious burns and died at the hospital while being treated.

However, in her statement before death, Naina named the accused who were responsible for the crime.

The father and maternal uncle of the girl have been taken under arrest and the investigation has been started.

As per Naina’s statement, the two accused - Radha Mohan Agnihotri and Amit Tiwari, poured petrol on her, but due to her disability she was not able to run away and then they set her on fire.

The two families are neighbours in Bhopal's Nishatpura locality.

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