Elderly Mumbai couple write to President Kovind seeking permission for mercy killing

Iravati Lavate and her husband Narayan, who live in Mumbai, have written to the President's office seeking permission for “active euthanasia”, where a person is killed, usually by taking an overdose of pain-killers.

Retired elderly couple have no children, no terminal illness

The couple have no major health problems. The wife is 79 while the husband is 86. Mrs Lavate is a retired school principal and her husband, Narayan, a former government employee. They say they are afraid of falling terminally ill and not being able to contribute to society and hence want President Kovind's permission for death assisted by a doctor.

The couple don't have children, a decision they consciously took after marriage. Indian laws do not allow for euthanasia or mercy killing. But even in countries that do allow it, the Lavates' request is unlikely to get the green light as they don't suffer from a terminal illness.

Countries that allow euthanasia permit it only for the terminally ill

The couple sent the letter to the President on 21 December, and the President’s office has said it will respond in due time.

Lavate says that as the President of India has the right to pardon life sentences, he should also have the power to allow ‘right to death’.

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