Disabled people can now file Police complaint from home in Surat

Surat police has made the provision to take complaints of victims from their home if they cannot come to the police station.

This rule will be applicable for complainants that are younger than 15 years, people with disabilities, women and senior citizen above 65 years of age.

The order in this regard has been issued by the City police commissioner Satish Sharma.

The special provision will make it easier for these people to file complaint and not be intimidated by a visit to the police station.

Furthermore, the facility will be provided to people with disabilities 24 hours in a day.

For other victims like women, senior citizens and children below 15 years the facility will be available during night hours.

These complaints can call the police control room through phone number 100 or dial a number of a police station in the city. The caller would have to give their name and address so that the police can visit their place.

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