Efforts of disabled activists result in Disabled-Friendly station in Kerala

Due to the constant efforts of disability rights activist Virali Modi, Ernakulam Railway Station in Kerala has become the first to become Disabled-Friendly.

Virali uses a wheelchair to move around and has been raising her voice to fight for the rights of disabled people in the country.

She was invited by the Mathrubhumi News as the Chief Guest of Honor in Kerala to inaugurate the Divyangjan Project.

Virali is happy with the initiative taken by the Mathrubhumi News to make the railway station at Ernakulam accessible for people with disabilities.

Virali had led the campaign #MyTrainToo that become the reason for the positive change at Ernakulam.

Under the Divyangjan Project, permanent ramps have been made at Ernakulam Junction.

Portable ramps are now provided to help in getting on the train and also deboarding.

The porters at the station that carry luggage have also been trained to assist disabled passengers.

There are plans to introduce an electronic cart for porters to transport disabled and elderly passengers to their trains.

Virali is motivated with the response and treatment she received in Kerala.

She has contacted the politicians of different states but only received such a positive response from Kerala.

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