Obesity can cause disability in people after joint surgery : Study

Excess body fat or obesity is a serious health issues of the life today. As per a recent study, people who are obese may not completely recover after joint surgery, such as joint replacements for arthritis.

The problem of being overweight can hamper the recovery and can cause the patient to become disabled overtime.

The patients who undergo surgeries for joint replacement need to consider factors like weight or age. They are at a higher risk if their overall health is not good.

For the study more than 2000 adults were studied. These people were above the age of 61 years and had joint surgery for arthritis.

Researchers based their study on analyzing the physical and mental health of the participants.

It was found that obese patients were at a higher risk of becoming dependent due to disability in older age as compared to those who were non-obese.

Experts advise that maintaining the proper weight is vital for the overall health of a person. Consuming healthy food is one of the basic steps for making the body healthy.

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