Arch rivals India and Pakistan blind cricket teams to face each other today

The much awaited encounter between the India and Pakistan teams in the Blind Cricket World Cup will happen today.

India beat Pakistan by 9 wickets to win T20 Blind World Cup in 2017

After two back-to-back victories in the event, the Pakistan blind cricket team will face India at the Ajman cricket ground in the United Arab Emirates. The match is being held in the UAE after India refused to play the matches in Pakistan.

Pakistan played very well in the matches, outplaying Bangladesh at Gaddafi Stadium and Nepal at Gujranwala, both with nine wickets. Pakistani captain Zeeshan Abbasi said they are all set to take on India and that there is no added pressure. Abbasi said that his team is a combination of talent and technique and that the players were positive ahead of the match against India.

Pakistan says India match will be the toughest in the tournament

Abbasi said the match would be tough, in fact the toughest of the event. Badar Munir has been the game changer for Pakistan in the first two matches as he has shown a lot of consistency and there are many expectations from him in the match against India as well.

Both the semifinals and finals will be played in the UAE, on 17 January and 21 January respectively.


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