3 owners accused in Kamala Mills fire case arrested

Mumbai police has arrested all the owners of the 1Above pub that was the site of the massive fire in Kamala Mills, Mumbai.

The three owners had been running and hiding away from the police since the past two weeks.

After the fire incident at 1Above on 29 December, which took 14 lives, a case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder was registered against the three owners- Kripesh Sanghavi, Jigar Sanghavi and Abhijeet Mankar.

The owners of 1Above had written to the President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Mumbai Police Commissioner and the chief of the city's civic body stating that they are being framed.

In their written letters they had demanded that the case should be handed over to the CBI- Central Bureau of Investigation.

The three owners have accused the police of "destroying the evidence on site and making false reports".

The investigation into the fire incident had revealed that 1Above and Mojo's Bistro below it violated several safety guidelines and the management was responsible for the loss of lives in the accident.

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