Wheelchair-using climber awarded for climbing up mountain

Professional rock climber Lai Chi-wai lost the ability to walk when he met with an accident seven years ago.

However, that did not affect the climber in him and he climbed up a mountain that is around the same height as the Empire State Building in New York.

Lai Chi-wai has become the first Chinese athlete to be nominated for the Laureus World's Best Sporting Moment of the month.

He was chosen for the award after he successfully climbed the Lion Rock which is a 495 metre tall mountain.

The Laureus World Sports Award are given to the best sportsmen and sportswomen of the year, as well as sporting moments of the month.

Lai Chi-wai says that climbing is like a dream that he can fulfill. He climbed the mountain in a wheelchair, making it one of the most inspiring feat performed by someone with disability

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