Cyclist with an artificial leg aims to spread the message of hope

Pradeep Kumar Miradwal is on an all India journey on a bicycle. He lost his left leg in a train accident in 2013 and uses a prosthetic leg to ride the cycle.

The 30 year old man started his mission from Indore on 14 November 2017.

He has cycled all the way to Chitradurga district of Karnataka now and is still going strong. Miradwal wants to use his unique mission to spread some messages and create awareness in people.

He is an avid supporter of the Swachch Bharat- Swasth Bharat, environment conservation, road safety and most importantly the welfare of people with disabilities.

Miradwal has set the target of cycling through the 29 Indian states in in a duration of six months and he wishes to end the journey at Indore.

He rides the cycle while carrying a 39 kg backpack on his back as his cycle is not fitted with a carrier.

He has received immense support from people on the way and is continuing his mission through the donations he receives from others.

Miradwal wants to show that disability cannot limit a person. He hopes that other people with disabilities will take inspiration from him and aspire to reach their dreams like him.

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