British volunteers to take part in India's Polio drive

A group of 90 Rotary volunteers from across Great Britain and Ireland will soon be coming to India for a mission to eradicate polio.

The Bristih volunteers will be here to be a part of the National Immunisation Day on 28 January 2018.

The volunteers from UK will join the local Rotary members and health agencies in reaching out to the remote areas where polio awareness is low.

The project will be completed with the help of local volunteers in Delhi, Kolkata, Bhiwadi, Amritsar and surrounding high-risk villages. the aim is to reach out to the most remote areas and ensure the protection of millions of children.

The volunteers will take part in house-to- house visits for poor families who cannot travel to the vaccination booths.

It is hoped that the visit by foreign nationals will attract the people of poor communities and they will be encouraged to get their children immunized.

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