Disabled boy from small Telangana town gets prestigious scholarship

The story of Petla Narsimhulu, a physically disabled boy from a poor background, who went onto win a junior research fellow for doing a Ph.D has got everyone talking.

Polio at a young age left him unable to stand properly or walk

Narsimhulu wanted to study further and approached minister K.T. Rama Rao for help. Rao got him admitted into a degree college. Narsimhulu studied well and is now doing his doctorate.

Narsimhulu was affected by polio on his left leg at a young age because of which he could not stand properly and found it hard to walk. His parents could not afford to educate him, and after their house collapsed, they were forced to stay in a hut.

Narasimhulu met the minister at a gram sabha meeting in a village and asked for help. Rao asked the principal of the Vennela Degree and Junior College principal to help him.

He cracked the UGC NET and qualified for Junior Research Fellowship and has also trained in computer applications. Once he completes his fellowship, Narsimhulu will qualify to be an assistant professor.

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