Disabled man in Telangana inspires village by building his own toilet

At a time when people in many parts of India are resisting the idea of building individual household toilets under the Swachch Bharat Mission, Venkateswarlu, a physically disabled man in Telangana's Gadwal district has become a role model by building a toilet for just Rs 6,000 and using it.

Venkateswarlu has over 70% locomotor disability as he does not have a leg and a hand. He walks holding a stick in one hand as support and on a prosthetic leg. He lives with his four-member family in a small single-room hut. He and his family built a toilet with the money given by the district administration under the Swachh Bharat Mission.

The government is giving Rs 12,000 to people to encourage them to build individual toilets and going open defecation-free in villages and municipal areas. But in many villages, toilets are not built properly or people take the money and do nothing.

Even after building them many villagers are using them as store rooms and continue to defecate openly. Given this, for a disabled man to build his own toilet using just 50% of the sanctioned amount is worth praising.

The local collector says Venkateswarlu is a role model for others in his village and that others need to draw inspiration from him. The administration has promised to give him the remaining Rs 6,000 as well.

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