Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay Rs 20 lakh compensation by government of India

A panel of the health ministry has recommended that Johnson and Johnson - J&J Company should pay a compensation of at least Rs 20 lakh for faulty hip implants.

The patients had received a hip replacement device called DePuy ASR seven years ago. The device was sold in India by DePuy International, a subsidiary of J&J.

The devices were found to be faulty and the patients had to undergo further corrective surgeries because of that.

The hip replacement device was recalled by the company after a several reports were received from across the world about metal poisoning and high failures in the device.

The panel was set by the government in 2016 as we currently do not have a law set for compensation in such cases.

The panel has said that the compensation should also include factors such as loss of wages, severity of the pain, the disability and sufferings caused due to the surgery.

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