South Central Railway launches first-of-its kind foldable ramp & wheelchair facility at stations

The South Central Railway has taken a major step in making trains more accessible to the disabled, aged, and passengers with limited mobility. A foldable wheelchair and a foldable ramp have been developed to help such passengers.

While wheelchairs are provided at all stations in the SCR Zone to help passengers, boarding the train and reaching seats was still a challenge. An initiative was taken up at Guntur Division to provide comfortable travel by developing a user friendly prototype ramp. The ramp will help to push the wheelchair into the coach. A wheelchair was also developed that could enter the narrow aisles of all coaches.

The challenge was to make a wheelchair comfortable for disabled passengers and enter the doors of all coaches especially 3AC coaches which are normally narrow.

The facility will be offered from 18 January on Train No.12747 Guntur–Vikarabad Palnadu Express to be the first train to be equipped with the facility.

Passengers can seek the assistance of wheelchair or meet the Station Master on duty and ask for wheelchair with seat access. They have to mention their alighting station so that information is passed on in advance to the concerned station and guard. The On-Board House Keeping Staff on train will assist passengers to alight in the particular station. The facility is available at nominal charges.

Features of Foldable Wheelchair & Foldable Ramp

The foldable wheelchair is light in weight, user friendly and can be maneuvered to help disabled passengers move easily along the aisle and reach their seat. The carrying capacity of the wheelchair is 100 kg Other features include swivelling footrest and foldable hand rest which can be lifted to fit into narrow spaces. The chain has a handbrake and locking mechanism.

The foldable ramp is foldable and weighs around 35 kg. It is sturdy and capable of taking a dynamic load of 250 kg. This ramp is fitted with a pair of telescopic adjustable legs which enable safe use on platform-to-train heights varying from 400-600 mm.

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