J&K to get first committee for protection of rights of PwDs

Jammu & Kashmir government has decided to form a committee for the protection of rights of people with disabilities.

The government has announced the high level committee will consist of 26 members, eight of which will be from non-governmental side.

The committee will ensure that the policies and decisions for the welfare of people with disabilities are implemented efficiently.

This is the first time that the government has formed a state level coordination committee for the welfare of people with disabilities.

The main functions of the coordination committee will be to look out for the overall welfare of disabled people in the state.

The implementation of policies and rules under the disability laws will be closely monitored by the committee.

The committee will also review the work of all the departments of government and non-government organizations that work for people with disabilities.

The aim of the committee will be to ensure that the state becomes barrier free and accessibility is provided at public places, offices, schools and other institutions like hospitals.

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