Car rally for visually impaired in Madhya Pradesh

A special car rally was organised this Sunday for the visually impaired in Madhya Pradesh.

The car rally was managed by Event Management Group- Genius.

The rally was flagged off by the Principal Secretary of Department of Social Justice, Government of Madhya Pradesh, Ashok Shah.

The event was organised by the NGOArushi and featured a driver and a visually impaired navigator in each car.

The winners of the rally was the team of Surya Kant Gelani with Navigator Prem Hariwale. They received a cash reward of Rs 10,000 and a trophy.

The rally covered a distance of around 30 kms distance within the Bhopal Municipal limits.

For the first time the rally had been given approval by the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India and thus making it a national event.

50 participants took part in the rally and those, who made the minimum error during the ride were considered for the prizes.

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