Body of missing girl found raped with horrific torture

A 15 year student from Haryana who had gone missing on Tuesday was found dead on Saturday.

The girl had gone to tuition classes and did not return home afterwards. She was a class 10 student from a village in Kurukshetra.

The body was found near a canal 100 kilometres away in a place called Jind.

The body has signs of 19 major injuries and severe torture before death.

As per reports her internal organs were damaged by inserting an object in her body.

The rape and murder of the girl has angered the people and justice is being demanded for the victim.

Two special investigation teams consisting of senior officers have been set up to investigate the schoolgirl's rape.

On Saturday another 11 year old girl in Panipat, was raped and strangled when she left her house to dump garbage.

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