Some facts about organ donation in India

Organ donation is a noble cause and can save many lives. However, there are certian laws and rules regarding the donation of organs in the country.

Recently, the Bombay High Court refused to give permission for a kidney donation from one brother to another. This was done because the donor was a mentally disabled boy and could not have given his consent knowing the full impact of his decisions.

The donation of organs is not allowed by a mentally unfit person.

In another instance the Kerala state legislature granted permission for organ donation to the prisoners in the state.

The recent amendment to the Organ Transplant Act 2014, has made it compulsory for doctors to offer the option of organ donation if a person dies in their care.

Once a person dies, the doctor on duty has to inform the kin about the option of corneal donation.

In case of a brain dead patient, the doctor has to inform about the option of giving all body organs for donation.

No age limit for organ donation

Another fact about organ donation is that age is not a barrier for donation, people of any age, even 80 year olds can become organ and tissue donors.

A person does not have to be fully healthy to become a donor and even those who smoke, drink or don’t have a healthy diet can donate.

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