Habits that cause loss of hair

There are several reasons behind loss of hair. The following everyday habits could also be the reason behind hair fall.

  1. Not eating food on time and skipping meals can cause shortage of nutrition in the body. This affects the health of hair and they start to fall. Do not skip meals, instead take a balanced diet which is rich in protein like lentil, fish, eggs, meat.

  2. Washing hair with very hot water can cause damage to the roots and make them weak. Always use lukewarm or cold water to wash hair.

  3. Brushing or combing hair while they are wet can cause them to break easily. Avoid using comb on wet hair. Let the hair dry before styling them.

  4. Tying up hair tightly can also cause them to be uprooted and break. Go for comfortable hairstyles.

  5. Too much use of chemicals like styling agents and dyes can damage the hair and cause hairfall.

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